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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 31, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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vigil toones hold a remember a teenager killed in a crash that injured two others. we have an update on a local school that closed after a feral cat got inside. we are on storm watch. to my humidity and storms made for a mass for the holiday weekend. 2400 customers were without power. most of those outages were from power lines down. they're wondering whether we will see a repeat of the severe weather tomorrow on labor day. only about a 30% chance for storms tomorrow. it is warm power, and muggy. tomorrow temperatures will be climbing back into the 90's.
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us beginning to dry out. still a few showers. our severet part, weather threat is over. overnight hours, it will be warm and muggy. temperatures at 77 at reagan national. dallas, the humidity is very high. just a few showers tapering off. calvert county, tomorrow it will be hot and humid again with a slight threat for midday showers. more details on the labor day forecast, and they looked at tuesday, coming up in 10 minutes. >> a couple more notes on the impact of the weather. onree fell into two houses park west tonight. received significant
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damage. residents evacuated and we are told no one was injured. air connected with us, on and online as we track the weather. in a few minutes we will show you how nasty weather forced organizers to make changes to a concert area -- concert. tonight's weather also slow down the search for a hiker. 25-year-old man was trapped under a large rock near the potomac river. some crews had to temporarily suspend recovery due to the weather. we are able to get our heavy equipment to the scene, and that was the time we had to suspend our operations. leave eight aromatics and rescue folks on the island while others thought refuge. -- hiker's name has
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not been released. 15-year-old shawn gangloff died, and two others were hurt, during saturday's accident. tonight loved ones held a vigil for the victims. i can tell you it has been a rough day for a lot lot of young people here. havean see how many folks left flowers and other items to .emember shawn gangloff you can see where the car he was in hit the street. it had so much momentum that it didn't come to rest until it was a football field away. a churchteens came to youth group meeting that turned into a vigil. >> it is a tragedy. spotey also came to the
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where the crash happened that took 15-year-old shawn gangloff 's life. kids, is one of those never caught him mad. not once at anything. >> friends say they had just seen him when school started last week. his death is hitting them hard. go back andd to have that empty seat. >> officials say he was in the backseat of a chrysler that crashed early saturday morning. the driver austin hall and passenger maxwell dechter also suffered serious injuries. police say hall lost control and a curve and was ejected when he hit a tree. it then took out a light pole and finally stopped hundreds of feet away. they are investigating its speed and alcohol were involved. teenager to as a
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make the right decision. you make mistakes. again, you get a sense of how angloffthought of g was in this county. weeks before they have all the test results they need to officially determine what led up to this accident. that is a tough loss just one week after class has started. news around the region, a disturbing discovery in a popeye's restaurant. the manager found an employee dead in a backstock area. asice identified her 47-year-old luzviminda monreal. officers say she suffered significant trauma to her body.
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police don't know exactly when she was killed. they're asking for the public's help with this. a boat burst into flame is as it pulled away from a dock. look at this picture. huge flames coming from the boat in ocean pines. five people were taken to a hospital. the cause remains under investigation. tonight's ad weather forced organizers to move this labor day concert off the west lawn and into the kennedy center. live at the kennedy center with more. normally we are reporting along the national mall for concerts like this, the weather got in the way. everyone had to ad lib. a little bit. they came prepared for an
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outdoor concert. >> i was of the opinion that we would not get in. to get headed out early a good spot on the west lawn. >> we took as selfie and then texted her husband and said guess what, we made it. but instead of sitting on the grass they ended up inside. >>he bad news is the concert will not be on the lawn, but the good news is it will be in the kennedy center. >> ♪ the bombs bursting in air. the impending forecast and possibility of thunderstorms where they would have to evacuate the capitol grounds, we decided that for the show to go on we would perform inside. in the end, concertgoers replaced a stormy night outside with world-class performances inside.
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the national symphony orchestra played a wide variety of patriotic and popular songs to honor america's workforce. including a showstopper from nicole parker. concert organizers also had to make a call which ended up being the right call. because of the logistics involved in getting all the musicians, equipment, and instruments over here to the kennedy center in time. news.n northwest, abc 7 jury deliberations begin tuesday in richmond in the corruption trial of former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen. ll's are accused of accepting more than one hundred
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65 thousand dollars in loans in exchange for promoting a company. they facing decades in prison and more than $1 million in fines. the school is back open days after a feral cat forced the early dismissal. the cat got inside richard hanna really elementary, and the while was closed early they set traps. officials said they don't believe the cat is inside anymore so classes will resume tuesday morning. the growing debate over how the u.s. should deal with the islamic state. what the allies are doing to help iraqis undersea -- under siege. joan rivers, the night before she was rushed to the hospital.
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11:00. local family is left to wonder, why someone would kill a loved one. police found 21-year-old everett brown shot. problems, including some time in jail for burglary, but they say he had recently gotten a job and was trying to do better. >> i don't know what happened, i called him friday night, that is all i know right now. brown's family says he used the trail as a shortcut to visit friends. they're offering a $25,000 reward. this weekend, u.s. airstrikes destroyed more i sell -- isil targets in iraq. facing the largest
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, most powerful, wealthiest terrorist organization in history. it will require some strong measures to defeat them. we can't simply bomb first and ask questions later. we have to have the right targets and the right support to be effective. just within the past hours, germany announced plans to send weapons and equipment to help the kurds in the north to fight isil. clarifying comments made by vladimir putin in an interview. putin suggested statehood for parts of ukraine, he was talking about autonomy, not independence. rivers's daughter is expressing hope that the afterenne will recover
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going into cardiac arrest. she also thanked fans for expressing their support. she did not address reports that her mother is on life support. joan rivers has been in a hospital since wednesday after she stopped breathing during throat surgery. a friend who had dinner with her says she mentioned her up coming click -- trip to the clinic. >> anything then? >> no not at all. only she was going for surgery first thing in the morning. said her throat surgery was a mile away from the hospital where she was taken. the first player could be punished under the nfl's new domestic violence policy. was arrested this afternoon for felony domestic violence. a player convicted gets a six-game suspension, a second
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offense gets a lifetime ban. created the rule after recent ruling. dust causingn, but big problems in washington state over the weekend. a huge dust storm is blamed for a more than 50 car pileup on interstate. a dozen people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. usually downate south in phoenix and arizona -- in arizona. tomorrow it will be kind of the same. hazy, hot, humid. i don't think the thunderstorms will be as widely scattered, but the threat exists for some storms. annapolis still hearing some thunder and lightning.
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even still getting a few showers. thanks for the update, dan. we will be seeing continued mild and muggy conditions for the remainder of the overnight our. it will be hazy, hot, humid. we have showers that continue to push off to the east. it looks like most of the heaviest action now has quelled. much quieter conditions, but you can see all those storms that rolled through the region earlier. falling into the 70's. i wanted to show you some of these are rainfall totals. the country club in bethesda, 1.5 inches of rain. close to 1.5 inches in st. francis school. the same in manassas. there was a lot of rain that
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fell in a short. of time. unfortunately some of those storms have left folks in montgomery county without power. probably not good without the ac. 96 degrees downtown, 92 at bwi. feels so soupy outside. b's dewpoint temperatures are high. in the lower 70's, so really uncomfortable. overnight, mostly cloudy. morning, partly sunny skies, maybe a little bit of patchy clouds but we will see that southwestern wind pumping in the heat and humidity. it will probably take until the middle of the week until this cold front in the middle of the country flies through. that will bring a little relief. i want to zoom in to show you futurecast. this picks up and a few showers. that too much in the way of
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rain, but for the most part we will be dried to the afternoon. a few thunderstorms cells may develop with the heat. then we will dry out again tuesday morning when a lot of us are getting back to work and school. it will be hot and humid again with a slight chance for late day storms. muggy conditions, 70-75. and about for the picnics, keep an eye on the sky for ominous clouds. upper 80's to lower 90's were daytime highs. >> as you know, rg iii is only in his third season after taking his team to the super bowl thomas but yet, he is getting his own statue.
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a lot of things you can do on your day off.
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>> now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by local toyota dealers. >> the washington nationals after three in a row against the mariners. washington brought out the big stick today but was it enough? run 1-0pitch, home washington. fourth, the exact same thing. , straightaway center field. two home runs in a game. here is a dagger in the bottom of the fifth, akron kenexa and
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it is over the right-field fence. a three run home run. bottom of the third great down for thatoes pitch and comes up with a three run home run. in the sixth, bases-loaded, j.j. hardy all over that pitch. grand slam home run. the redskins has finished up their roster for the start of the season. the skins did make one addition. claimed a player from the broncos. thank you, i feel better now. a couple of guys you know brought back today, richard crawford, running back chris thompson and white receiver nick williams.
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robert griffin iii returned home to be honored by the school. the unveiling of a statue that stands now outside the stadium. , he went unveiling inside for the coin flip stood side-by-side with george w. bush . not a bad way to spend your day off. bulls, in thed 57th minute a goal. 1-0, they went 2-0. the struggle for the top seed in the u.s. open. the first, then the rain came, a lengthy delay.
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it worked out for them because he came out on fire. nothing to worry for the first half of a team usa basketball game. for the slam, -- later in the second half, anthony davis. 98-77. tony stewart returned to the track for the first time since the accident with kevin ward jr.. he got a warm reception in atlanta tonight. he got in the car for the frontp lap, but he blew a tire and hit a wall.
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remember adam dunn? he was traded today to the oakland a's. he says he will likely retire after this season. will take a break right now.
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>> one of chicago's star little league players will have a home base. helped take the jackie robinson team all the way to a second-place finish at the little league baseball world series. his family were homeless. they were forced to split up and were staying with family and friends since june. the owner of a local funeral home heard about their situation and offered to pay their rent for an entire year. good deal.
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>> has been a busy night so far. >> things will continue to quiet down. so hot through the first half of the week, then a little bit
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cooler and less humid by the end. we still have another half-hour for you.
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